Live music, local festival and Brew fests. Here's what we're up to and where you can catch us

Month/ Date: Time         Who/ What

​7/1:                               WHISKEY ROW STREET DANCE

7/2:                               WHISKEY ROW STREET DANCE

7/4: 3pm                      Bill and Patti, traditional blend fiddle and guitar

7/6: 12pm                    Pennie- Les, acustic folk and rock fusion

7/7: 2pm                      Chuck and Cat, rock and bluegrass

7/7: 5pm                      Jimmy Dee and Jack Ausbern, country and folk fusion

7/14: 2pm                    Sky Daddy, rock acustic originals

7/14: 5pm                    Jimmy Dee and Jack Ausbern, country and folk fusion

7/15: 3pm                    Bill and Patti, traditional blend fiddle and guitar

7/21: 2pm                   Chuck and Cat, rock and bluegrass

7/21: 6pm                   Kaleo, Acustic guitar bard

7/22: 2pm                   Michael Lewis, acustic folk and bluegrass

7/23: 3pm                   Bill and Patti, Traditional Blend fiddle and guitar

7/28: 6pm                  Rick Cucuzzas evoL- ution, synth guitar fusion

8/4: 2pm                    Micheal Lewis, accustic folk and bluegrass

8/4: 6pm                    Greg Arriola, original soloist

8/5: 3-9pm                 Bill and Patti, Traditional Blend, fiddle and guitar

8/11: 2pm                   Sky Daddy, Original solo guitar and vocals

8/11: 6pm                   Jackson Hatfield, Original rock and country soloist

8/12: 2pm                   Jack Ausbern and Jimmy Dee, Original country and rock

8/12: 6pm                   Rick Cucuzza, evoL-ution, rockin synth guitar

8/19 2pm                    Bug, Accustic rock and country

8/20: 3-9pm                Bill and Patti, Traditional Blend, fiddle and guitar

8/25: 6pm                   April Anne, Harmonizing piano and vocals

8/26: 2pm                   Micheal Lewis, accustic folk and bluegrass

8/26: 6pm                   Rick Cucuzza, evoL-ution, rockin synth guitar