Bavarian Soft Pretzel           $5.00

Salted, served with aged cheddar cheese beer dipping sauce

Bratwurst             $5.00

Pork Sausage and warm sauerkraut on a small bun, add cheese for $1.00

Brat Supreme Sandwich                $8.00

Two Pork Sausages, warm sauerkraut and cheese grilled to perfection

Cold Sandwich, custom made        $5.00

Choice of rye or sourdough; cheddar, swiss or provolone, and ham or turkey

Ruben Sandwich            $7.00

Ham, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and rye bread grilled to perfection

Bavarian Nachos          $6.00

Corn chips, cheddar cheese beer sauce, bratwurst chunks, jalapenos and olives

German Potato Salad     $3.00

German vinegar potato salad with bacon served warm

Cabbage Slaw      $3.00

Creamy horseradish cabbage coleslaw

Russian Stout or Orange Wheat Float    $5.00

A robust Russian Imperial Stout or 

a delicious orange wheat ale and Ice Cream

Potato Chips    $1.00

Canned Soda    $1.00

Good Grub

The kitchen is open from 11am - 8pm 7 days a week

Focusing on pub style small eats in a

German/ European/ American fusion style